3.3.0 (32-bit)

Control various monitors simultaneously



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If you often use more than one monitor at the same time, you probably appreciate software that facilitates this task. This is UltraMon.

UltraMon is a program that allows you to control various screens and coordinate work amongst them.

You can do things like moving windows from one monitor to another or work with more than one application at the same time, using as many screens as you like.

Furthermore, UltraMon can add a little taskbar to the bottom of each of the monitors so we can manage them more comfortably, or even re-dimension by itself a video we are playing in case one of the screens doesn´t have the same capacity as the rest.

The program also has options that make it visually more attractive, like the possibility to create wallpapers and screensavers that use all the active monitors at the same time, obtaining magnificent and completely surprising results.

The program is completely functional for 30 days.

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